Last week we discussed the beginning of the life on earth, according to Greek Mythology.  We learned that Prometheus formed clay molds that resembled the Gods and Goddesses, and those clay molds were later brought to life and became human kind.  

In order to earn two extra credit points, you need to write six complete sentences explaining why you think Prometheus decided to make human kind look like the Gods and Goddesses, and why you think Greek Mythology chose to make the Gods and Goddesses resemble humans.  Discuss why it's important that Greek Gods/Goddesses and human kind resemble each other.  Think about your own beliefs and how this story relates to other religions.  

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    This is the blog that will be used for you to earn extra credit points during while we are studying Greek Mythology.  Each week I will post a new topic for you to comment on. Your comments are required to be at least SIX complete sentences. Each week that you write a comment, you will earn 2 extra credit points.   The extra credit points you earn will be applied to the unit test you will take on November 9th.  

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