Last week we discussed the beginning of the life on earth, according to Greek Mythology.  We learned that Prometheus formed clay molds that resembled the Gods and Goddesses, and those clay molds were later brought to life and became human kind.  

In order to earn two extra credit points, you need to write six complete sentences explaining why you think Prometheus decided to make human kind look like the Gods and Goddesses, and why you think Greek Mythology chose to make the Gods and Goddesses resemble humans.  Discuss why it's important that Greek Gods/Goddesses and human kind resemble each other.  Think about your own beliefs and how this story relates to other religions.  

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Amanda H. 3
10/24/2012 3:13pm

I think Prometheus decided to make human kind look like gods and goddesses because the gods and goddesses were special. They had their own title, and maybe Prometheus thought that if we looked like the gods, we would have our own special titles too. I think Greek Mythology chose to make the gods and goddesses resemble humans because we were similar in some ways. We had the similar faces. We both had arms and legs and hands and feet. It is important that Greek gods and goddesses resemble each other because it is good that we have some things in common. With the help of the Greek gods and goddesses from the past, we could figure things out easier.

brandon c 4th period
10/26/2012 7:52am

i thing he wanted to sepereate us fom the beast. Like when we got fire, one thing he said is "seperated fom the beast , or something like that. Arms and legs we need to walk and pick up a variety of objects. I also think he didnt want just all animals and humans to start civilization. We started building buildins making houses and making the earth cool. Without arms we couldnt invent stuff like electricity. If we had no arms we would be a body with a head. We need hair to keep us warm and muscles to. We need eyes were they are at and a nose.
We need a mouth to eat and drink and communicate. We have ears to listen to communication.

Devid C. Period 5
10/26/2012 10:41am

I think Prometheus made us resemble the gods because the gods would be more likely to forgive us if we looked like them. He made us look this way so we could make things, use tools, and to be adaptable. He also wanted to seperate us from the beast like when he said "I want so seperate humans from the beast". I think Greek Mythology made the gods look like humans so we would relate with them (if they looked like lizards or frogs who would worship them). They looked like humans because if they didn't they would not have inspired to do new things. The last reason I think the gods look like us is so that we would be similar.

Kendall M Period 4
10/26/2012 11:24am

I think Promethius made the clay molds look like the gods and goddesses because he might of not known where to start the molds from. Like when you draw a random picture you don't know where to start. Also the gods and goddesses are special. They are a significant part of Greek culture. Also when the gods "look down" on us they want to see something they like, or something that resembles them. Maybe he just did it for the fun of it. We might never find out exactly why he did it, we can only guess.

Haley B. period 5
10/26/2012 4:19pm

I think Prometheus made human kind look like gods and goddess because they were special.The gods and goddess had their own titles which makes them special. So if human kind were like them maybe they would be special and have their own titles.I think Greek Mythology chose gods and goddess resemble humans because we have similar things.We have similar faces,arms and legs and other things.It is good humans,gods and goddess resemble each other because maybe it is easier to fit in with each other.

Lauren K. Period 4
10/28/2012 8:14am

I think Prometheus made humans in the image of the gods because he hoped that if human kind resembled the Greek Gods and Goddesses then humans would worship them. I believe he also created humans in this way because he thought we would not oppose them if we looked like them. I also think that Prometheus thought that if he made the clay models of humans in the image of the Gods/Goddesses that they would praise him for creating a race in their honor. I think it is also possible that Prometheus created us to look this way because he just felt like it. Maybe he was lazy and just molded something that resembled the Gods/Goddesses. I am sure that there are many more possibilities to why Prometheus created us in such a way,however we will probably never know why he really did make us in the image of the Gods and Goddesses.

Hannah B. Period: 4
10/28/2012 2:52pm

I think that Prometheus decided to make humans look like Gods because humans resenble Gods. Humans and Gods are both strong and intellegent. Also I think that the Gods wanted us to follow their ways of living. I think that Greek Mythology made Gods look like Humans because they wanted the Gods to resenble us. The only difference is that they are a more powerful version of us. I think that it is important the the Greek Gods and Humans resemble each other because we both think alike. Also we Humans find our selves at the top of the food chain, so if the Gods were the ones who created us, the they have to be atleast as powerful as us. Just like how our parents were the ones who created us, and they are more powerful then us, the Gods had to be the same way.

Matthew R. period 3
10/28/2012 7:20pm

I think Prometheus decided to make human kind look like the gods and goddesses so the humans could relate better to the gods. Also, the humans would be better worshippers and followers. Humans put gods, goddesses, heroes, and heroines in myths. In these myths, there was an explanation to something that was unexplainable and there was usually a moral lesson. Even though the gods were immortal, they had human personalities and actions. The gods weren't perfect so they seemed more realistic. The Greeks and their gods had many similar characteristics so they could relate more to each other.

Kaylin 4th Period
11/01/2012 2:58pm

I think that we resemble the greek gods and godesses to resemble power. Each god or godess has a special skill. Each of them has a a power all their own. This is like us. Not all of us are good at swimming or singing. We all have our own skills. It is important that we resemble eachother so we know what we are like. They tell our history.


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