We have started to learn a little about the Hero's Journey and how it can be applied to nearly every movie that includes a hero.  

For this week's blog, I would like you to watch this short You Tube video and respond to the question below.

"The one thing that keeps people small is their fears, or, as Joseph Campbell says, their dragons." 

What does this quote mean to you?  How does it apply to accomplishing your goals or dreams in life?  Please answer this question by writing six COMPLETE sentences

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Myron K. 5
10/29/2012 8:02pm

this is what the one thing keeping people small is their fears means to me.It means if you don't face your fears then ,you never will try it.If you don't try something you don't know if you will like it or not. If you do you will know if you like it or not. You will be glad to know you tried and like it and if you don't you can at least say you tried.You never know until you try.If you don't try you won't stand out. That is what it means to me

Kendall M. Period 4
10/30/2012 9:26am

To me this quote means that when people are afraid they just want to hide away and stay hidden. It's pretty hard to describe. I think that if you are scared you should try to help in any way you can. Like if you are in a situation where someone is being bullied do what you think is right. Don't just hide away. Be an upstander.

Haley B. Period 5
10/31/2012 1:41pm

To me the quote means that fears keep people from doing new things.To me the quote also is saying that fears take away your dreams and goals.You should always face your fears.If you face your fears you can do anything.If you are in a situation you should face the problem.Not aviod it.

aaron b 7th
11/01/2012 11:32am

i think it means that our fears may be small things.it could be like snakes, spiders, or rats. it means we should stand up to our fears and show them who is boss.we should not be afraid of little things. you are bigger they your fear.

Kylie M. 3rd Period
11/01/2012 2:57pm

The quote means to me that people are not living greatly because they are scared of what is out there. People need to face their fears and live life happily. The goal would be to not be scared of what is out there. What is out there in the world is mostly not bad. The world is not all bad, there are great people too! Live your life great and you might find something new!

Jared M. Period 4
11/03/2012 8:48am

A person's fears will keep them from doing what they want to do. There fears will make them think they are small and useless. Fear will keep a person from doing what is right and sticking up for there beliefs. In life fear will stop you from following your dream or accomplishing your goals. If you let your fears take over your life you will no accomplish anything or try anything new. Fear is just in a person's head, if you try to over come it who knows what will happen, you may just like it.

Becca T. Period 4
11/03/2012 1:23pm

This quote means to me that if you are scared to try something new you may be shy and want to hide away from people. You may not want to talk to people. You might be nervous to say or ask something scared that you will not get the answer you want or because you are very shy. Fear to do something may cause you to be nervous about what other people will think. Sometimes its good to try something new. Just try it and maybe you will end up likeing it.

Lauren K. period 4
11/04/2012 5:22pm

I think it means that sometimes we are scared of something for a certain reason. This reason can keep you from doing that something. You may hide from it, or in some cases, miss out on having fun. Some of it could be that you have not tried it before. It could also be that in the past you had a bad experience with that something. I think in the end we should always try to face our fears no matter how great. Don't let that fear, or dragon, keep you small.

Amanda H. Period 3
11/04/2012 5:43pm

What this quote means is that because we are afraid of what our goals are, we don't do them. If we are afraid of something, rather than trying something new, we don't do it because we are afraid. You should always do what you are afraid of, other wise you will never accomplish it, and never get over that fear. Even though you may not like it, you should always try new things. If you try something new, or do something you are afraid of, you may think it is scary or bad. But in the end, you may end up having a complete different reaction to it. That's why I try to try new things, I may end up liking it!

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