For this week's blog post, write how Greek Mythology has influenced today's world. Discuss allusions, the hero's journey, or anything else we have discussed in class.  Include examples in your comment.  In order to get 2 extra credit points, you must write 6 complete sentences and include your First Name, Last INITIAL, and your period.


Lauren K. period 4
11/06/2012 8:34am

Greek mythology has influenced today's world in many ways. There have been many allusions created. For example some famous allusions related to greek mythology are named after the legendary greek Amazon women, Nike a shoe company, Pandora radio, and Mars the candy company all named after greek gods and goddesses ( Mars is Ares roman name). There are thousands more companys and businesses related to greek mythology aswell. There are also many words or phrases that originate from greek mythology too. For example Mentor was a famous teacher in greek mythology and Akron comes from the greek word "akros" which means "high place". Both of these names are now cities in Ohio.There are once again thousands more of words that have come from greek mythology.

Amanda H. Period 3
11/06/2012 4:30pm

Greek mythology has influenced today's world in many different ways. Many logos for companies (or illusions) are named after different gods, goddesses, heroes, and heroines. (or their Roman name) When I did my Fakebook project, I had the goddess Aphrodite. Their are many allusions after her, that I never knew, or realized were named after her. Even listening to other people's projects, I learned of so many different allusions that I never knew where were named after the person. Another thing that really interested me is how Hero's journey is applied to almost every movie, such as Harry Potter. Also, there are many Greek words that we still use today. They may sound the same or similar to the Greek word. There are even some words that we learned in history class that mean the same thing (or close to the same thing) as an English word. Some examples are: akros, (the city Akron) agora, a shopping market, etc.

Kendall M Period 4
11/06/2012 4:42pm

Greek (or Roman) mythology had influenced the world in an infinite number of ways. For example if you have ever heard the legend of the trojan horse you know that the Spartains hid inside the trojan horse and waited to destroy the city of Troy. Well there is this comercial for a cerial called "Krave" and the cereal eats the little chocolate peices. Well the cereal hid inside this chocolate bunny and attacked the chocolate. (weird right?) Also the shoe Nike was named after a Greek godess, Pandora radio, Mars the candy company... and thousands more. My personal favorite is names after the Amazon women.(because their the boss of everything :)

Haley B. period 5
11/07/2012 6:27pm

Greek mythology has influenced our world in many ways.Many logos and brands are based off Greek mythology.Some examples are amazon, mars candy, nike shoes and many more.I also have seen how many movies have to do with hero's journey. Some examples of hero's journey are Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, Star Wars and many more.There are also many greek words or roots used in todays language. An example is akros as in the city Akron.

David C. period 5
11/08/2012 2:38pm

Greek mythology influences our world in many ways. Some allusions are that we name buisnesses are named after Greek gods, godesses, heros, and heroines like Pandora, Nike, Mars, and Amazon. Some more allusions are sports teams' mascots for example the Michigan state Spartains, and the Trojans. Greek architecture is used in our capital, theatures, ect. We have allusions in novels and movies like Harry Potter's invisibility cloak was an allusion to Hades' helmet of darkness. Many of our words have Greek roots for example Akron get its name from akos which means high place.

Becca T. 4 period
11/08/2012 4:36pm

One way Greek Mythology has influenced today's world is the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games were held in honor of the god Zeus. Another Greek influence is Mars candy company after Ares who's Roman name is Mars. The Achilles Tendon was named after Achilles. When he was a baby his mom dipped him in the River of Styx. She loved him so much that the water rushed around his whole body except the foot she was holding him by. These are all examples of allusions.

Audrey G. period 3
11/11/2012 12:39pm

one way greek mythlogy has influenced todays world is by logos. some of the really famous logos are named after greek gods or goddess like the allusions. We dont even think about the signs,bussiness's,advertisment,logos alot of those are named after greek gods. some examoles are Mars,Nike,amazon,and pandora also many more. Also when i was doing my fakebook project i found out that one of Artimises allusions is the bow an arrow from the hunger games and also hunting. I didnt relize that those were named after gods/heros till i learned aboout it in LA class. And also some movies have allusions in them like in harry potter the invisiable cloak. There is also many more we dont even think about. An allusion is a reference to a famous person,place,event or literature.

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