During the same week I started student teaching at Kimpton Middle School, I also had my first Educational Technology class. To be completely honest, I only signed up for this course because it was required in order to graduate in December. However, my mindset quickly changed after the professor, Garth Holman, shared with the class how his students are using technology at his middle school.  During that first class, I read a blog post on Prof. Holman's website, Teachers for Tomorrow, called “Final Evaluations, from 13 year old: How did I do?”  He had his students fill out an evaluation form (created by Paul Bogush) at the end of the year.  The way his students talked about his class and the things they did during their time there was incredible.

The night before my final day at Kimpton, I asked myself whether or not I made a difference in any the lives of any of my students.  In order to answer this question, I had all of my students complete the same evaluation form Prof. Holman used in for his class.  Here are a few: (Sorry if some are hard to read – I used a camera phone to take the pics)

I wanted to end this by saying thank you, Garth Holman, for making a difference in my life.  You completely changed my entire philosophy of education, and by doing so, you have also to made a difference in the lives of more than 150 7th grade students.

- Kyle

9/7/2018 08:14:08 am

Hey, I was digging around the web with students and googled my name. Found this post. Thank you and have a great year!


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