For this week's blog post, write how Greek Mythology has influenced today's world. Discuss allusions, the hero's journey, or anything else we have discussed in class.  Include examples in your comment.  In order to get 2 extra credit points, you must write 6 complete sentences and include your First Name, Last INITIAL, and your period.
We have started to learn a little about the Hero's Journey and how it can be applied to nearly every movie that includes a hero.  

For this week's blog, I would like you to watch this short You Tube video and respond to the question below.

"The one thing that keeps people small is their fears, or, as Joseph Campbell says, their dragons." 

What does this quote mean to you?  How does it apply to accomplishing your goals or dreams in life?  Please answer this question by writing six COMPLETE sentences

*If you do not want your response to be show, please write "PRIVATE" next to your First Name, Last Initial, and Period.  
Last week we discussed the beginning of the life on earth, according to Greek Mythology.  We learned that Prometheus formed clay molds that resembled the Gods and Goddesses, and those clay molds were later brought to life and became human kind.  

In order to earn two extra credit points, you need to write six complete sentences explaining why you think Prometheus decided to make human kind look like the Gods and Goddesses, and why you think Greek Mythology chose to make the Gods and Goddesses resemble humans.  Discuss why it's important that Greek Gods/Goddesses and human kind resemble each other.  Think about your own beliefs and how this story relates to other religions.  

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Write at least 6 sentences about what you already know and what you would like to know about Greek Mythology.  You may write about what you have learned in other classes about Greek Mythology, or even what you have learned from watching movies about these ancient stories (such as the Disney movie Hercules).  Also, write about something you would like to learn in the next few weeks as we begin exploring Greek Mythology. 

Write at least six complete sentences, and be sure to include your First Name, Last Initial, and your class period before posting your comments. 

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